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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

How Can You Work Full Time Or Part Time On YouTube Using Your Passion?

Today Youtube is a best open source platform for all peoples to become popular as well as for a good longterm career. There are billions of content existing on youtube. Today Lots of peoples are working on youtube as creator and growing their career on youtube and also getting a handsome amount of money at the end of the month. Here I will tell you how you will able to grow your career on youtube.

What are the most important factors to grow your career on youtube?

1. Know Youtube Before Entering Youtube.

Youtube is the largest video sharing platform through which you will able to show your talent like Acting, Singing, Dancing, Cooking, Reading, Teaching, Playing, Technology or etc. Through Youtube, you can be popular and also you can earn revenue from your uploaded videos. Youtube has its own logic and algorithm systems, where Youtube is detecting the video type, quality, and content inside it, also, it has lots of policies and rules which must be followed before entering youtube. You can search the policies on google. Today Youtube become the most powerful media where Billions of peoples are active in day and night time, so due to this reason lots of youtube creators or YouTubers are earning huge amount of money as compared to the job, and youtube is also getting billions of money from the audiences through their activities. 

You may hear about BB Ki Vines, Technical Guruji, Shirley Setia, Mumbaikar Nikhil, Nisha Madhulika, Pewdiepie, Sanam, Siddharth Slathia, Raj Barman, Satyajeet Jena or lots of creators, they are only getting famous on youtube and they have grown their career on youtube so why not you? Here 3 factors or 3 via media are working on youtube those are (Advertiser --- Youtube --- Youtube Creators).

The advertisement is the most important part of youtube so the complete earning of youtube and YouTubers are depending upon the Advertisement. Here youtube is sharing the revenue of advertiser with the youtube creators in 55 and 45 Ratio. 

You will know much more thing about youtube on our youtube course which is available here - Click here for complete youtube career Course

2. Create and Deliver The Perfect Content To Your Audience.

Content is the most important part of youtube. You have to choose the best content which suits you very well before start work on youtube. If you will choose your hobby or your most interesting work as your youtube content, where you can work unconditionally for an example some peoples are really like singing, acting, dancing, cooking, art, debating, playing, comedy, etc where they will never bore on their passion.

If you choose your passion as youtube content then definitely you will do best on youtube and also you will definitely deliver the best content to youtube. 

Note if you will provide best own created content with your face cam to youtube then youtube will push your content to grow up, so always create content with your best. There are different content choosing process and lots of criteria on content choosing. you will get those all process in our course with 30 days support via team viewer and live chat also you will get lifetime chat support.

3. Proper Branding and Making jingle.

Branding is the most important part of every product or service, for an example if I will ask you which toothpaste you are using and which toothpaste you will prefer to others to use?

Definitely, you will recall in your mind Colgate because Colgate, washing powder Nirma, Ghadi Detergent, Amul these brands are created a jingle in peoples mind. These brands are spending millions of Indian rupees to create a jingle in peoples heart, so that's why branding and jingle is the most important part on youtube. So you need to make your channel with proper branding. Without branding, people will forget your channel.

4. Encourage Your Self Like An Artist and Director.

In this field, you have to do your work your self. I will tell you some point here which will help you to make a video. The first thing is scripting. Scripting is the most important part to make a video, you can also compare to any movie, where scripting comes first then directing then the artist will act then editing then publishing. Here you will do or play the same thing.

If you are making any kind of video first prepare script then record your self or take help of any friend or brother and sister to record then edit your self and publish on youtube. Why I am telling you to do these things your self because when you will start your career on youtube at that time learning is most important. Lots of YouTubers are very poor so they are not able to afford the best studio camera, studio quality editor and much more thing because those will need many expenses if you will hire a cameraman or editor. so you have to learn your self those things and encourage your self like an artist and director. It will save your money, You can use your smartphone to record and use lapel mic for audio. In the case of editing software, there are lots of editing software are there you can use for video editing. In my opinion, if you are new then Camtasia is the best easy video editing software for beginners.

5. Maintain The Degree Of Excellence Or Clarity In Your Every Video.

Nowadays excellency or clarity matters in every field. You will also notice that all youtube creators maintain their look, styles, video clarity, and much more things, because people are making them the idol, so they are maintaining those things.

If you are a professional teacher then maintain a neat and clean classroom with exact light and sound correction for proper visible and proper listening. Suppose you are a teacher and you are providing online classes regularly, due to low light in your video your students are unable to see the proper answers in the video. In this case, your students will disappoint on you due to the lake of video clarity or visibility, after some days they will unsubscribe your channel and you will lose your loyal subscribers. So Excellence or Clarity matters in every video.

6. Make A Huge Fan Base Through Your Content.

At first, I have told you that choose the content for youtube which suits you or choose that type of content where you are passionate. If you are enjoying with your passion and your content then definitely you will do your work perfectly and that will definitely attract your audience. 

This thing will make you famous and your work will automatically create a fan base audience. You can also search some huge fan base youtubers on youtube like:- Melvin Luis, Shirley Setia, Siddharth Slathia, BB ki Vines, Amit Bhadana, Sanam Puri, Technical Guruji and much more. This is completely depending upon you how you will interact with your audience with your content.

7. Socialize Your Content.

Backlink your content on social media. Social media is the most powerful factor to promote or optimize every content, product or service. So you have to create social media accounts to promote your content across the internet.

We have created a special lecture video about social media to socialize a content or product through social media. It is available in our Youtube Career Course.

Our Youtube Career Course link - Click here for Youtube Course

8. Funding And Sponsors.

Nowadays Money is the important part of everyone's life to fulfill all dreams, but the talent is the most powerful thing than money which will give you name, fame, fan base, and money and much more thing. Start your work on youtube today and work with your passion, Don't think about others and don't listen to the words of peoples because they will definitely demotivate you. Only one person can change you and that is only you.

 If you start your work perfectly on youtube then definitely you will get the huge audience and soon you will get youtube monetization and you will get money from youtube. At the same time, you will get another thing which is named as sponsors and brand endorsement. When you have a great lovable audience then every company will want to work with you because you have a huge audience, if you will tell to your audience to use some product then they will definitely use that product because you are a loyal member in front your audience. 

For example Amitabh Bachchan is doing advertise of Navaratna Oil and telling on tv use this product to cool your head but we are not using that product because you know lots of products are coming on tv daily, but if your friend will suggest you that use Navaratna oil it will help you to relief headache because Your friend has used it and got success. At that time you will definitely use Navaratna oil because your own close friend is suggesting Navaratna oil and you know your friend from childhood. Similarly, you are a loyal person in front of your subscribers. When you will advertise a product in front of them then they will definitely use because they know you very well at the starting of your channel. You will get Good money from promoting brand products. This is called a sponsor or brand endorsements. Just work properly on youtube and increase a good fan base then lots of sponsors will come to your channel and they will ask for promotion which will also give you the best income from Youtube.

The complete youtube guideline videos are available in our Youtube Career Course which will definitely make you perfect for work on youtube.

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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Why YouTube Is A Money Plant Or Best Long Term Solution For Your Career

Today youtube is the biggest digital video marketing platform where people can share their video to the whole world by uploading on youtube and peoples can able to earn revenue lifetime through their uploaded videos, so that's why I am telling youtube, is a money plant. You can also become popular by showing your talent like Acting, Dancing, Singing, Photography, Roasting, Cooking, Art, Magic, Education, Tips & Tricks, Comedy and much more.

In INDIA The technology was waking very slow before 4-5 years due to insufficient of the internet and smartphones, but  After the huge availability of smartphone and internet in India, every people knows about internet and youtube. Nowadays youtube is the daily habit of our peoples. There are 225 million users of youtube in India, just think 225 million users in India and its not a joke. If you are showing your talent or hobby in front of 225 million peoples of India then you will be the next level of Star on youtube, but you need to be trained properly before entering to youtube.

Youtube's payment process:

Youtube will pay you by showing advertisements of  Brands or Companies on your uploaded video. There are millions of contents on youtube, as per your content youtube will show you the advertisement, which is called user based or content based advertisement, where youtube will take 45% of ad revenue and give 55% of ad revenue to you. For example, if one advertiser is paying Rs.100 to youtube then youtube is taking Rs.45 as youtube revenue and paying Rs.55 to the publishers as publishers revenue. Where a publisher means youtuber which is you.

As per my experience I am working on youtube for 5 years, and when I am making a video for youtube its taking 3-8 hours or maximum 2-3 days but it will giving me money for lifetime, because my video will stay on youtube for lifetime, that's why I told you that youtube is a money plant. Youtube is paying money as per views basis so views are most important for youtube revenue. Per 1000 views/impressions youtube is paying $1-$5. Some cases youtube is increasing or decreasing the revenue rate as per country basis. If you are starting a youtube channel as per your talent and if you have collected huge or mass audience as per your talent then definitely that audience make you popular and give you money by watching your video every day.

How You Can Work On Youtube?

Youtube is not a single day money and fame making machine, it is a continuous or consistent work. If you want to grow your career on youtube then start this today, because there is no existence of tomorrow we all know. Lots of teenagers, college students, or youths are wasting their time by doing different activities. I request to those peoples don't waste your time start your career on youtube and make a name and be an example for others. Money is nothing as compare to respect and name or fame. Money is a medium to leave life, Definitely, you will get money on youtube but on youtube, you will get more things than money for example:- Name, fame, respect, fans etc. So why are you waiting for start your career on youtube today? There are a different category of topics on youtube, if you are working with the constant/static topic then that will give you lifetime revenue. You will get complete idea about the topic choosing process in our youtube course. Our complete youtube guideline course will help and push you to grow your career on youtube.

See the detail of Youtuber course here.
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