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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Why YouTube Is A Money Plant Or Best Long Term Solution For Your Career

Today youtube is the biggest digital video marketing platform where people can share their video to the whole world by uploading on youtube and peoples can able to earn revenue lifetime through their uploaded videos, so that's why I am telling youtube, is a money plant. You can also become popular by showing your talent like Acting, Dancing, Singing, Photography, Roasting, Cooking, Art, Magic, Education, Tips & Tricks, Comedy and much more.

In INDIA The technology was waking very slow before 4-5 years due to insufficient of the internet and smartphones, but  After the huge availability of smartphone and internet in India, every people knows about internet and youtube. Nowadays youtube is the daily habit of our peoples. There are 225 million users of youtube in India, just think 225 million users in India and its not a joke. If you are showing your talent or hobby in front of 225 million peoples of India then you will be the next level of Star on youtube, but you need to be trained properly before entering to youtube.

Youtube's payment process:

Youtube will pay you by showing advertisements of  Brands or Companies on your uploaded video. There are millions of contents on youtube, as per your content youtube will show you the advertisement, which is called user based or content based advertisement, where youtube will take 45% of ad revenue and give 55% of ad revenue to you. For example, if one advertiser is paying Rs.100 to youtube then youtube is taking Rs.45 as youtube revenue and paying Rs.55 to the publishers as publishers revenue. Where a publisher means youtuber which is you.

As per my experience I am working on youtube for 5 years, and when I am making a video for youtube its taking 3-8 hours or maximum 2-3 days but it will giving me money for lifetime, because my video will stay on youtube for lifetime, that's why I told you that youtube is a money plant. Youtube is paying money as per views basis so views are most important for youtube revenue. Per 1000 views/impressions youtube is paying $1-$5. Some cases youtube is increasing or decreasing the revenue rate as per country basis. If you are starting a youtube channel as per your talent and if you have collected huge or mass audience as per your talent then definitely that audience make you popular and give you money by watching your video every day.

How You Can Work On Youtube?

Youtube is not a single day money and fame making machine, it is a continuous or consistent work. If you want to grow your career on youtube then start this today, because there is no existence of tomorrow we all know. Lots of teenagers, college students, or youths are wasting their time by doing different activities. I request to those peoples don't waste your time start your career on youtube and make a name and be an example for others. Money is nothing as compare to respect and name or fame. Money is a medium to leave life, Definitely, you will get money on youtube but on youtube, you will get more things than money for example:- Name, fame, respect, fans etc. So why are you waiting for start your career on youtube today? There are a different category of topics on youtube, if you are working with the constant/static topic then that will give you lifetime revenue. You will get complete idea about the topic choosing process in our youtube course. Our complete youtube guideline course will help and push you to grow your career on youtube.

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