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Grow Your Career Through Internet & Be An Example

Youtube Career Course

Grow Your Career On Youtube:

Today YouTube is the largest video sharing platform through which you can be popular by uploading your own videos, as well as you can earn money from it. Now a days lots of peoples are growing their career on youtube and also they are earning a handsome amount of money by the end of the month, At the same time lots of teenagers and youths are wasting their times by doing parties, traveling and spending their time with their friends, and when they are completing their education at that time they are getting worried about their job and getting frustrated form the job interviews. Here I am telling you one thing don't worry about your career, we are here to help you to grow your career on youtube. You can also work on youtube like a part-time basis by giving 3-5 hours a day.

No matter what are you doing and what is your profession, every person can work on youtube with their passion or interest without paying to youtube, but there are lots of process, rules, and criteria for working on youtube. Here we have created complete youtube career course where you will get the complete A-Z guidelines about youtube and lots of free tools for your youtube career, Also you will get phone and TeamViewer support when you will face any doubt at the time of live practice. 

Let's See Our Course structure :

1. Complete Introduction On Youtube :

Here you will get the complete introduction and all basic guidelines about YouTube, YouTube rules, Google Adsense, Google's Policy, YouTube's Policy and the logic of Youtube and Google.

2. The Best Way Of Youtube Topic Choosing Process :

We have specially designed the topic choosing process, which will help you to choose your proper topic. The topic is the most important part of working on youtube, Here we have specially described and designed the topic choosing process, which will help you to choose your best topic. This topic choosing process will give you the best idea about the topic and you will easily gain 4000hrs watch time and 1000 subscribers on youtube.

3. Video Making Process :

The video is the main part of YouTube. Here you will get 3 types of easy video making process which will increase your video making creativity for your content. We are also providing mobile support and team viewer support so don't worry here you will get complete support at the time of video making and other live practice time.

4. YouTube Channel Creation and Branding :

Here we will teach you the complete interface of youtube like Channel Overview, Branding, Community, Channel art, Analytics and much more. Also, we are providing lots of free tools for working on youtube.

5. Seo Technique And Video Uploading Process :

Seo is the most important part of youtube because it helps to visible your product, blog, videos or pages in the search engine. Example of some search engine: Google, yahoo, bing, youtube etc.
Here you will learn the best SEO techniques and video uploading process on youtube. 

6. Youtube And Adsense Linking Process :

This section is the linking part of youtube, where you will link your Youtube channel to Google Adsense.

7. Digital Marketing Process :

Digital marketing is the most powerful marketing tool which helps you to promote all digital products throughout the internet, here the digital products are Youtube, Blogs, Websites or any digital goods etc. Here we are including Digital Marketing in our Youtube course, trust me it will help you more and you will get the better idea about Digital Marketing.

8. Different Way Of Earning Process Using YouTube :

After Google Adsense, there are lots of processes to earn money from Youtube. We have created a separate chapter on this topic which will help you to earn more from Youtube.

9. A Small Photoshop Tutorial For Thumbnail : 

Photoshop is the most important part for every youtuber. Here we have described the basic of Photoshop as per our knowledge, which will increase your knowledge and creativity about photoshop.

10. How To Remove Copyright From Videos : 

Copyright is the most headache part of youtube, Here we have specially created a chapter for remove copyright from videos, which will teach you the complete details about copyright.

Note: (Asper fair use policy on youtube you can use videos of others for 30 sec or below 30 sec for commentary, news reporting, criticism). 

The all above elements are our course structure, also you will get lots of tricky and secret processes through our phone support or TeamViewer support. Here we are charging INR Rs.2299/- only for our audiovisual course with 30 days fully doubt clear support via phone and team viewer. You can also get lifetime chat support.

Before Purchase, our course call us on +91-7077671384 for discussion about your doubt and other clarification. Faith is the most important part of our service because we are providing this service since last 5years. You can also purchase our course from Fiverr platform. Fiverr is a top secure online service provider where your money will safe.

Nowadays lots of fake service providers stealing money through online and peoples are losing their money, we are not that type of fake service provider, we care you and respect your hard worked money so don't worry about your money you will get the best value of your money, again I am telling you before purchase our course call us at (+91-7077671384) for know about course details.

Course Purchase Process: 

There are three types of process to purchase our course those are:

  •           1. Pay Through Our Site.
  •           2. Pay Us Through Fiverr.
  •           3. Pay After Delivery.  

Course Delivery Process :

1. First Call us before purchasing the course for clear your all questions about course.

2. We will send you the DVD copy of our course directly to your home address after the Successful payment.

3. We are Charging Rs.2299 as course Fee with 30 days team viewer and call support. Also Delivery Charge Rs.100 so Total is Rs.2399

4. You can pay us directly through our site. Check out Link is available in the below. After successful payment, you will get the receipt of your payment within 24hrs and we will send you the course via courier, it will take 5-7 days to reach you.  

5.  You can also pay us through Fiverr platform. Fiverr is 100% genuine and safe freelancing platform where your money will safe. You can also search on google about Fiverr. If you are paying through Fiverr then the course fee will be $45, because Fiverr is extra tax amount so Fiverr Users will purchase this course $45, here the choice is yours, If you want Fiverr checkout then the link is given below.

Pay After Delivery

If you want to Pay After Delivery then Call Us on: 7077671384 for the order.

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