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Read our T&C carefully before purchase our course.

1. If you want to purchase our course then call us at our mobile no.(+91-7077671384) to know complete details of our course, we are also finding those peoples who eagerly want to grow their career through youtube.

2. There are lots of mobile users want to work on youtube, but we have created this course for pc users only. It also helps for mobile users but in the case of mobile users they will unable to use some features or software on their mobile, so we are recommending to you please use this course on your pc, If you want to use this course through your mobile then its ok no problem, you can view all the videos on your mobile, but you have to download youtube video editing software and other software . from app store or play store which is compatible with your mobile.

3. This course is not a single day money making scheme, so we request to our buyers that watch and read all the guidelines of youtube and do the all process carefully and perfectly, you will definitely get success on youtube. Its completely depending upon you how you will perform in front of peoples or your subscribers.

4. Content choosing is the most important part of youtube. So choose your career on youtube with the best content, where you will perform very well. you can choose your hobby or passion as your youtube content, which will help you to grow your career on youtube. We are providing the best content choosing process for your youtube career.

5. The course fee is a one-time fee which is non-refundable.

6. At the time of learning if you are facing problem then call our support no +91-7077671384 on our working hour (Mon-Sat) 11:00 am - 5:00 pm. You will definitely get support for your doubt. 
We request to you that if you are seriously want to make your career on youtube then purchase this course otherwise don't waste your time and money by purchasing this course.

7. Our course is available in both fiverr and our site (www.learningtutorials.in). You can purchase it from both of these platforms.
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